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What to expect from a continence clinic assessment?

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I'm mid 30's & recently diagnosed with MS. I have reduced sensation below my waist, however even at it's worst this has not caused incontinence issues...until now. I'm taking Tecfidera which causes loose bowel movements & although it doesn't specifically state it alters your urine I've noticed it settles heavily in the toilet bowl (sorry folks) & I imagine it does much the same in my bladder.
Now when I have a full bladder I struggle to hold it. I've been told this is in my head.  -_-  I assure you I can recognise the difference & will absolutely wet myself if I don't get to a toilet in under 15 seconds...on specific occasions.
I'm booked in to see a continence clinic nurse for an assessment, but as it's months away I'm curious to know if it'll actually be of any use.
Here's what I know:

  • Do pelvic floor exercises with religious fervour. At this point I could snap a pencil.
  • Don't fear pee. Hold if you can, as you normally would (but trust your own judgement).
  • Bladder training. All over it.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of a UTI. It creates weakness.
  • Use lube during sex. See above.
  • Testing reveals my bladder completely empties every time.
  • Pretty sure it's related to muscle spasms.
  • Faecal incontinence is 100% medication related.
  • If you need to pass wind...you're gonna wanna be sitting on a toilet for that juuuuuust in case.
  • If you need to vomit...clench first.
  • GastroStop. 1 tablet every 3 days is the golden ratio.
  • Enemas are fine once in a while. Don't untrain yourself.
  • I will not wear continence aides. My body; my choice.
I feel as though the clinic will basically give me the advice I already know. I'm getting real tired of turning up to "important" appointments only to be told things I already know. We can all Google, Jan. It's really tiresome dragging myself out only to have to politely feign interest as though I'd never heard of pelvic floor exercises before.
So my question is...is a continence clinic going to tell me anything in addition to what I already know?  


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Hi I have urge inconyinace and have also been told it is in my head. A visit to the urologist confirmed it was"Normal" as I have had a stroke.I also had a urodynmamics Examintaion and whil it did not give me practical information it was interestin to see what i knew was confirmed. I get the "go to te toilet" message late. If I am at home usually no problem but when I an out that is another story. In the urodynamics test when the Dr examined the inside of the bladder he found a tumor. It looked colassal on the screen and I stared mentally preparing for an operation (Slice and Dice) but it was only the size of a pea, Turned out benign, thank goodness.I don't know anyone who has MS but it is not pleasent. you have come to the right place for general facts and help but I do suggest you make use of the continace help phone1800 33 00 66I hope your life does become more bearable in the future. Besat Wishes  

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