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Issues with pullup type Continence nurse unsure what to suggest

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Hi All

Saw my continence nurse today apparently the reason I have all the slipping and skin irritation issues as well as occassionally leakage around the legs is because the product I am wearing is too large (Larger) and the Medium is too tight and she stated I seem to be inbetween sizes.

My waist is 112cm and my continence nurse is unsure what to try next. She wants me to try Bonds incontinence trunks 105 -110cm. Which I am unsure as they only hold 400mls and my leakage varies on amout etc as well as a very heavy sweater in that area.

Thank you  


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You may try valui pants as they might fit and you can get a free sample to check fitness over its website www.valui.com.au/sample-request. Wish you good luck.   

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