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Daughter with ongoing soiling at 7yrs

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I am another parent feeling liking a failure and that I have let my daughter down.

Our daughter was first noted to be impacted with faeces post an X-ray ordered by our GP around 20 months of age. At this stage she was on solids, having a small amount of cows milk and was breastfed until 2 years of age.

We were advised to treat her with some movicol at that stage, but in hindsight, I believe we never cleaned out the bowel adeqately so continued her ongoing soiling issues.

Our daughter was toilet trained at around 2yrs of age or just after and whilst managed the wee's the poo's continued to be an issue with ongoing soiling.

Over the years we have sought support from our GP, Continence nurses, OT's, paediatric Gastro and Dietician. We have done sticker charts, rewards, ensured correct sitting on the toilet and scheduled toilet times etc etc.

Today our daughter is 7 yrs old, soilng continues. We are on Osmolax daily, usually a large scoop, continues to be an issue to get her to have it, have resorted to juice each morning (not great for the teeth) but if you have tasted osmolax it is a bit salty in plain water. We titrate the dose and often second guess ourselves, is the accident because she couldn't wipe properly due to having to keep her stools (porridge consistency) or is it overflow or too much osmolax????? Some days we just dont know.

We have tried some dairy and soy free and feel she tends to avoid a lot of dairy anyway, we are currently having a break from Gluten but really difficult to tell its effect as we have had to remain on osmolax throughout.

We recently saw a paed gastro who wants us to stay on Osmolax until we have at least 3 consistent months without soiling. Our daughters behaviour is recently starting to deteriorate, she gets tummy aches from the Osmolax ( I have been on it myself and it does give you a very windy/crampy tummu) Our daughters self esteem is suffering, she calls herself stupid for having accidents, 'why am I different',

We have a good toilet plan in place at school where a teacher aid takes her to a private toilet to allow her adequate time to sit etc, however she is feeling embarrassed as other children ask where she is going etc. The teachers handle it extremely well but it is now really affecting her mental health.

Our daughter is sick of us always asking does she need the toilet, can she try the toilet. We are sick of it always being an issue and it is starting to affect everyone in the family.

I am just really needing to vent, at this stage our next plan is to attend the MARS clinic in Brisbane to check her pelvic floor function etc and considering following up with a psychologist specialised in continence for our daughter.

Any more thoughts or responses would be greatly appreciated.




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Dear Anon63082,

Thank you for your post to the Continence Support Forum. I have discussed your daughter with my colleagues and we suggest that you call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 and discuss your daughters needs with a Continence Nurse Advisor. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. I will also email you with some additional information.



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