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2016 a productive year at the Continence Foundation

Wed 21, Dec 2016
2016 has been another productive and positive year, with the organisation continuing to extend its reach among the Australian population and members of the continence and wider health industry.

Winners of the 2016 Australian Bladder Foundation grants

Thu 08, Dec 2016
The winners of the 2016 Australian Bladder Foundation grants are...

Moira Turnbull: Carer of the Year

Thu 08, Dec 2016
Glenn Turnbull contracted encephalitis as a toddler, which left him severely disabled. His mother, Moira, who has been caring for him ever since, was recently awarded the Continence Foundation of Australia’s 2016 Carer of the Year. Moira shares her story with Maria Whitmore.

Paralympians inspire: inside and outside the sporting arena

Thu 08, Dec 2016
Keren Faulkner, physical therapies manager at the London and Rio Paralympic Games, speaks to Maria Whitmore about the Paralympians’ extraordinary determination, not only in the sporting arena, but in the management of their disabilities.

Q&A Pelvic Pain

Thu 08, Dec 2016
Physiotherapists Shan Morrison and Patricia Neumann answer these common questions about pelvic pain.

Toilet training children with special needs

Thu 08, Dec 2016
Adelaide-based occupational therapist and toilet training consultant Debbie Atkins provides tips for toilet training children and young people with a developmental disability.

Jack Tyrrell: the blind leading

Fri 02, Dec 2016
Jack Tyrrell, who helped launch the new initiatives, tells Maria Whitmore how losing his sight five years ago made him an advocate for better access to information, and forged a new career path.

Factor toilet stops in to your road trips.

Thu 01, Dec 2016
Planning your holidays? Make sure you factor in toilet locations, using the National Toilet Map, when you're on the road.

Summer edition of Bridge out soon

Thu 24, Nov 2016
Look out for the summer edition of Bridge, the Continence Foundation's consumer magazine, which will be in letter boxes and email inboxes soon.

25th National Conference on Incontinence a success

Thu 17, Nov 2016
Hundreds of continence health clinicians have returned from this month's 25th National Conference on Incontinence better equipped to treat their patients with incontinence issues.

Perinatal depression and anxiety awareness week Nov 13-19

Wed 09, Nov 2016
There is considerable research linking incontinence to depression, including postnatal depression, which affects one in seven new mothers.

November's all about men's health, so what's BPH anyway?

Thu 27, Oct 2016
It's either benign prostatic hyperplasia or benign prostatic hypertropy, and both will cause constriction of the urinary tract.

Osteoporosis and incontinence - a double-whammy for fractures

Thu 13, Oct 2016
Research has been telling us for years that women with osteoporosis are at greater risk of incontinence. We also know that incontinence, particularly urge incontinence, increases a person’s risk of falling over. This osteoarthritis-incontinence double whammy puts people – particularly older women - at a greater risk of bone fractures compared to the rest of the population.

Droptober: squeezing in another good reason to lose weight

Thu 29, Sep 2016
October is Droptober month. There are many good reasons to drop down to a healthy weight - and your pelvic floor will thank you for it.

What NOT to do at the gym

Thu 22, Sep 2016
Sure, get fit for summer, but don’t make these seven common mistakes that can exacerbate bladder leakage.

Stroke Awareness Week this week (Sept 12-16)

Thu 15, Sep 2016
The Continence Foundation has several resources for people affected by stroke, their carers and health professionals.

RUOK Day - Depression associated with incontinence

Thu 08, Sep 2016
It’s RUOK Day (September 8). Incontinence, one of the least spoken-about health conditions, puts younger women at a higher risk of depression.

September is Dementia Awareness Month

Thu 01, Sep 2016
September is Dementia Awareness Month, and the Continence Foundation has several resources to support family members and care givers of people affected by dementia and incontinence.

Waist trainers. Muscle wasters?

Thu 25, Aug 2016
Is the advertising spiel around waist trainers to be believed?

National Conference on Incontinence Scholarship Program 2016

Tue 16, Aug 2016
Applications for rural and remote registered nurses and physiotherapists to attend the national conference are now open

World Continence Week videos uploaded

Thu 04, Aug 2016
Videos of two of our guest presenters at the World Continence Week breakfast launch are now available for viewing on our youtube channel.

Conference winners announced

Fri 29, Jul 2016
The winner of CFA's Continence Week Promotion Competition goes to...

August is Tradies Health Month

Thu 28, Jul 2016
The prospect of earlier death from preventable diseases compared to women has yet to convince some men to adopt healthier lifestyles. Perhaps the prospect of erectile problems might provide some motivation.

Diabetes Awareness

Thu 21, Jul 2016
Someone in Australia is diagnosed with diabetes every five minutes, and there are more than 4,400 amputations every year as a result of diabetes.

Easy English fact sheets now available for download

Thu 30, Jun 2016
Easy English fact sheets for people who have difficulty reading mainstream texts are now available for download.

World Continence Week buzz

Thu 23, Jun 2016
It's World Continence Week and news about our members' health promotion events around the country is coming in daily.

Winner of the new continence helpline video survey draw announced

Thu 23, Jun 2016
We're pleased to announce the winner of the continence helpline video survey draw

Lifting the lid on bladder and bowel health

Fri 17, Jun 2016
New research shows that more than three quarters of Australians experiencing bladder leakage prefer to put up with the embarrassing problem than seek professional help, despite the fact most cases can be prevented, cured or better managed.

International Men's Health Week, June 13-19

Thu 09, Jun 2016
The prospect of an earlier death from preventable diseases compared to women has yet to convince some men to adopt healthier lifestyles. Perhaps the prospect of erectile problems, along with bladder and bowel consequences, might provide some motivation.

Bridge Winter 2016 now available

Fri 03, Jun 2016
Bridge Winter 2016 edition is out now!

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