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When the pelvic floor can take no more

Tue 10, Jun 2014
The consequences of ignoring the pelvic floor when exercising can be traumatic and dramatic, as Mildura continence nurse Katherine Modoo discovered.

Don’t let asthma put a dampener on things

Thu 24, Apr 2014
Even though asthma is a condition affecting the respiratory system, it often contributes to the risk of bladder leakage.

Patients with overactive bladders needed

Tue 18, Mar 2014
Are you an adult with an overactive bladder? An international study trialling a new drug is recruiting now.

Tightening the plumbing

Thu 13, Mar 2014
A Sydney physiotherapist takes a critical look at the conventional pelvic floor training regime for men post-prostate surgery.

Incontinence costs $1.6 billion

Fri 21, Jun 2013

Incontinence can have a substantial impact on wellbeing, social and workforce participation, and the relationships between those affected and their carers, a new report has shown.

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