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Australian Bladder Foundation Grants

 Congratulations to this year's recipients

The Australian Bladder Foundation (ABF) has been established to promote the work of the Continence Foundation of Australia to build healthier communities. The aim is to raise vital funds to ensure the continued development of research to assist people with bladder and bowel dysfunction and incontinence in Australasia.

The recipients of the ABF 2018 grants are:

•   Development and evaluation of an instrument to measure dignity in continence care for people who are care-dependent – Joan Ostaszkiewicz

•   Mechanisms of bladder dysfunction caused by psychological stress and benefit of current clinical therapies – Catherine McDermott

•   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women attending an Indigenous primary healthcare clinic and their experiences of management of urinary incontinence: a qualitative study – Prabha Lakhan

In recognition of his contribution in founding the ABF and research in urinary incontinence, Catherine McDermott’s grant is funded under the Richard Millard Award for 2018.

About the ABF research grants

ABF grant rounds support advances in knowledge that provide direct, tangible benefits in early prevention, detection and management of bladder and bowel dysfunction. Funding applications will be ratified by the Board of the Continence Foundation. The total amount awarded each year is at the discretion of the Board.

A grant application must outline a research proposal supported by a set of aims, methodology and the budget. Applications from a single or a team of investigators are invited as well as new investigators.

The ABF Advisory Committee, ratified by the Board of the Continence Foundation, will review the applications for scientific merit and select the successful grant recipients

 Who may apply?

 Only health professional members of the Continence Foundation of Australia may apply for ABF grants.

Become a member of the Continence Foundation.

Applicants may submit more than one grant application. Grants may range from $5,000 to $20,000 per application.

Please direct all enquiries to research@continence.org.au or phone 03 8692 8400

The Continence Foundation of Australia would like to thank the UroGynaecological Society of Australasia for their support to Australian Bladder Foundation's 2018 grant round.