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By becoming a member of the Continence Foundation you are providing a voice for people across Australia who experience incontinence. The CFA works to raise awareness of continence problems, helping to de-stigmatise one of the last taboo health concerns that today affects over 6 million Australians.

Joining or renewing your membership

To join as a new member, or to renew your membership, please email membership@continence.org.au or call our office on 03 8692 8400 (9am - 5pm Mon-Friday AEST).

For full details, view our terms and conditions.

For all membership enquiries please email the membership team


CFA members are entitled to a range of benefits, which vary according to their membership type. These include:

  • discounted registration to the National Conference on Incontinence
  • quarterly subscription to the Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal
  • quarterly subscription to Bridge magazine, and
  • quarterly updates about news and developments in the field of continence.

Membership type

A strong and active membership is vital to the work of the Continence Foundation of Australia in raising awareness and advocating on behalf of people with bladder and bowel control problems and their carers. Our strength comes from our broad membership base. We hope you’ll continue to support the Continence Foundation financially by renewing your membership, and whenever you see an opportunity, to promote continence awareness within your local community.  

Membership rates

  • Professional membership $85.00
    Professional membership is for individuals who are qualified and employed in medicine, nursing, allied health, health promotion or health administration. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists or other health professionals.
  • Corporate membership  $320.00
    Corporate membership is for corporate organisations such as continence product suppliers, continence product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or registered training organisations.
  • Organisation membership $320.00
    Organisation membership is for organisations such as aged care facilities, community health centres, general practices, private clinics, government bodies, hospitals, peak consumer and professional bodies or universities.
  • Individual membership $35.00
      Individual membership is for individuals who have incontinence, provide informal care or are retired health professionals.
  • Student membership $45.00
    Student membership is for individuals who are studying in the fields of medicine, nursing, allied health, health promotions or health administration.
  • Library membership $40.00
    Library membership includes libraries based in the community/public, and hospital or university libraries.

Please note that these fees are per annum (financial year, July to June) and inclusive of GST.