Over the past 18 months the Continence Foundation of Australia, along with all the State Branches, have been exploring a future where we unify to become a single, national organisation. The strategic review and due diligence process is now complete and the State Branches and the National Board have collectively signed an agreement (Heads of Agreement) that will take us forward to a member vote and start the process of building a new national entity. This new entity will be overseen by a new Board comprised of representatives from each State along with the Foundation’s current national Board.

Stronger and Better Together

Our strategic view for some time now has been that we would be a more robust and sustainable organisation by unifying the State Branches and National office. We believe a single, consolidated organisation working with state and federal Government Departments, Health Funders and Industry will be streamlined and more effective. Our voice can become stronger as we lobby and advocate on health policy, develop education and resources for health professionals, and refine our services to members.

Through collective strength, resources and shared experience, a single, unified Continence Foundation would be able to offer multiple benefits, including:

  • increased access to funding opportunities across Federal, State and Local funders
  • increased ability to influence key decision-makers and policy reform
  • the provision of better support for our members
  • increased profile as the leading authority

For more information download our unification information booklet.

Our current structure

Currently, there are seven separate legal entities promoting bladder and bowel control health – the Continence Foundation of Australia (National) and 6 State Branches (in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania).

The National and the State Branches have worked closely together for many years to support our members and the broader Australian public. However, we believe that becoming one entity will enable us to better achieve our vision and serve our members, strengthening our capacity to advocate nationally and  within State and local communities, to do the most we can with the finite resources we have.

The role of the members in unification

In order to progress we will be seeking the agreement of our Members in a voting process which is likely to take place in September. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to communicate information regarding the process of Unification and you can visit this web page for more information at any time.

We are excited to share this future with you and believe this is an important step that will ensure the Continence Foundation of Australia continues to deliver its mission.

If you are yet to renew your membership, this is a great opportunity to do so now and have a say in our future.

If you are an existing member and haven’t received at least one email regarding renewals, or have questions about the process, please call us at 03 8692 8400, or email membership@continence.org.au.


Last Updated: Thu 17, Sep 2020
Last Reviewed: Tue 17, Mar 2020